anger v passion

Dear friends, this evening I caught the end of a talk on the radio about ‘anger’. About how Malcolm X was the angry black man, while Martin Luther King was seen as peaceful. And on to now where we see angry Muslims, angry women, and oh, angry black women. And how if you really want your message to be heard it’s best not to show anger as that suggests you are ruled by emotions.

I want to be heard and, yes, at times emotions run high, amongst my family, amongst my work colleagues, amongst friends.  The message I want to share #sharegoodness is that there is a way to be happy, a way for everyone, for your every person who has lived & will live.  And that this message does not mean we change, but rather that we can happily, peacefully and passionately embrace all truth and goodness.  And that we continue in our regular work lives, striving to be honest & the best we can.  I love this message and I hope that through these writings you can feel my passion and come to love the Messenger too. 🙂


Dear friends, I love my sleep. I’m an 8h girl so don’t ask me to stay up much beyond 2230h and expect me to be functional!! So, when i’m on holiday (like today), no work, and woken up by dear husband,  well, I moan,  groan,  keep my eyes closed as long as possible,  because when I open them,  that’s it, no going back, he engages me in conversation (him talking, me listening), then bring on the day! Fortunately, I’m a morning person  “arise early,  that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated” (D&C 88 v124) whereas he’s a night person,  so the days that I get woken,  I usually catch up at the other end of the day 🙂  my experiences of sleep deprivation when the children were younger deserve a separate blog, but let’s say,  I quickly learned to sleep when they did!  Also,  I’ve done my fair share of all-nighters when studying and at work.  The human body is great,  but we must look after ourselves and sleep is part of that care regime.   Arianna Huffington agrees too – you can look up her TED talk “How to succeed? Get more sleep.”


Dear friends,  hairdresser today!  Let me explain,  the last time I went to a hairdresser was about 2 years ago,  cost lots and since then I’ve been doing my own ‘styling.’  I’m an architect,  not a hair dresser so this has been a challenge.  Recently I have sported an afro,  a teeny weeny afro (known as a ‘twa’).  But, that’s what my hair was like 25 years ago (visualise Grace Jones with spectacles!),  I feel I need to look more… feminine, more…. homely!!   So, today I went back into single braids.   My dear daughters assured me that a bun style will look best for work;  I must get hair bands and clips for the office, I’ll need to wear it down to fit under my site helmet.  My husband likes it  🙂 and said I look younger,  always a complement as a mother of four lively children.   And some great hairdresser conversation where I encouraged the assistant to look up #sharethegift on YouTube.  And I encourage you to do the same,  if you’ve not done so already.

church & rescue

Dear friends, Sabbath today and I always love church! This evening we watched ‘Ephraim’s Rescue’ (film) and once again I am inspired. I want to be a rescuer; I want to be worthy & ready to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands to bring relief to others – whether physical or spiritual it’s all the same at the end of the day.  “All things unto (the Lord Jesus) are spiritual,” that’s what He said!  I’m far from perfect but I try, and I want to be better than yesterday 🙂


Dear friends, I finally delivered cards and gifts to local family members. It sounds bad I know; Christmas Eve was a long day & I  didn’t feel like driving around town delivering at night.  No one seemed offended so that was good!   When I called my 40 years old brother by my 16 years old son’s name for not the first time,  he suggested that I have some sort of mental disassociation where I really feel that age! Huh? I think it’s fairly usual for 40-something mothers of 4 to get some names mixed up; and that I’m allowed to amongst family!  What do you think?