impossible? I’m possible!

Dear friends
It’s been a while since a proper post – as I say – though I have a few started.  Maybe it’s because the Christmas lights are all gone and the streets dark once more. Maybe it’s because we’ve all gone back to school and work, facing challenges on a daily basis and, let’s be honest, spending 6-8 hours with some persons we would rather not spend that amount of time with, doing things we don’t feel are recognised.  Maybe it’s because it feels we are living in the one part of the UK that hasn’t experienced snow or barely a winter, this winter – after a few days of sub zero nights, tomorrow we’re back to have a balmy 12°c!

But Son2 in the last few days has been telling us:

What’s special about impossible?  It’s I’m possible!!

And this makes me smile 🙂 and helps me to think more positively about everything. And that we can achieve what it is that we need to achieve.  I’m not great at making resolutions but this year I trying to be more positive than last, which was pretty good, especially I ‘met’ all of you.
There’s so much turmoil in the world.  Sadly I feel there will not be true peace without the peace of the truth reaching each heart in the world.  Happily, I know this day will come 🙂