Dear friends,  hairdresser today!  Let me explain,  the last time I went to a hairdresser was about 2 years ago,  cost lots and since then I’ve been doing my own ‘styling.’  I’m an architect,  not a hair dresser so this has been a challenge.  Recently I have sported an afro,  a teeny weeny afro (known as a ‘twa’).  But, that’s what my hair was like 25 years ago (visualise Grace Jones with spectacles!),  I feel I need to look more… feminine, more…. homely!!   So, today I went back into single braids.   My dear daughters assured me that a bun style will look best for work;  I must get hair bands and clips for the office, I’ll need to wear it down to fit under my site helmet.  My husband likes it  🙂 and said I look younger,  always a complement as a mother of four lively children.   And some great hairdresser conversation where I encouraged the assistant to look up #sharethegift on YouTube.  And I encourage you to do the same,  if you’ve not done so already.