Dear friends, I love my sleep. I’m an 8h girl so don’t ask me to stay up much beyond 2230h and expect me to be functional!! So, when i’m on holiday (like today), no work, and woken up by dear husband,  well, I moan,  groan,  keep my eyes closed as long as possible,  because when I open them,  that’s it, no going back, he engages me in conversation (him talking, me listening), then bring on the day! Fortunately, I’m a morning person  “arise early,  that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated” (D&C 88 v124) whereas he’s a night person,  so the days that I get woken,  I usually catch up at the other end of the day 🙂  my experiences of sleep deprivation when the children were younger deserve a separate blog, but let’s say,  I quickly learned to sleep when they did!  Also,  I’ve done my fair share of all-nighters when studying and at work.  The human body is great,  but we must look after ourselves and sleep is part of that care regime.   Arianna Huffington agrees too – you can look up her TED talk “How to succeed? Get more sleep.”


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