anger v passion

Dear friends, this evening I caught the end of a talk on the radio about ‘anger’. About how Malcolm X was the angry black man, while Martin Luther King was seen as peaceful. And on to now where we see angry Muslims, angry women, and oh, angry black women. And how if you really want your message to be heard it’s best not to show anger as that suggests you are ruled by emotions.

I want to be heard and, yes, at times emotions run high, amongst my family, amongst my work colleagues, amongst friends.  The message I want to share #sharegoodness is that there is a way to be happy, a way for everyone, for your every person who has lived & will live.  And that this message does not mean we change, but rather that we can happily, peacefully and passionately embrace all truth and goodness.  And that we continue in our regular work lives, striving to be honest & the best we can.  I love this message and I hope that through these writings you can feel my passion and come to love the Messenger too. 🙂


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