Dear friends,
Take a look at this article – this is me, my soul!  I’ve been a sleep talker all my life and, according to my dear mother, a sleep walker as an infant. I may have mentioned this before in another post, but I thought I’d grown out of it until my dear husband mentioned, some months ago, that I do talk but most of the time he doesn’t take much notice.
However a week or so ago, I got hit with the bombshell – actually, you’re sleep talking disturbs my sleep – and combined with our 16 year old bed, my dear husband has been developing quite a pain in the neck!
So, I thought I’d read up on sleep talking and try some self help before totally humbling myself and going to a doctor – I need help with sleep talking!!
Somniloquy is the professional term – I can barely say it without thinking Shakespeare soliloquy –  and, according to the Huffington Post (not quite the fount of all knowledge but a good read!), appears to be more common in young people and males – so a mid 40’s female such as I could be considered a little unusual.  Also possibly related to stress – mmm… I understand that I do talk about work projects a lot…
And I’ve only had one really embarrassing incident involving somniloquy. It was when I was serving as a full time LDS missionary (where I shared a bedroom) and, well, I was struggling to like my companion, who was the senior companion, and the next morning asked me if I had a problem with her… Not really; why do you ask? 
“You spoke my name last night and the tone in which you said it…”
Busted, I thought, so I had to come clean…  I’m not sure if there were other incidents, at least, none that I got told about! Not a bad quality for encouraging honesty in close relationships 🙂
So, I think we’ll go for a new bed before I face a health professional with this little peculiarity.  Oh, but with my commitment to exercise more regularly, I feel that will help to free my spirit when I’m awake, rather than allowing it to race when I’m asleep!!  And from Doctrine and Covenants section 88, verse 15:

And the spirit and the body are the soul of man