Dear friends
A conversation from earlier this week…
Me: (excitedly) I almost bought a new work dress today!
Daur1: Really? What was it like?
Me: Black; straight, sort of bodycon style, kind of thick fabric, but not tight, short sleeves, down to my knees, fit really well…
Daur1: So (raising eyebrows) like the other dresses you have?…
Me: No!! My other black dress swings, skater style!
Daur1: And the other one?
Me: (thinking) oh yeah, black, bodycon, but it’s longer…
Daur1: (walking away with a sigh) Same dress!!

So why is it that I almost bought a new dress that looks like two other dresses in my wardrobe?  I think it must be that I’ve reached that age when I know what looks good on me – black, slimming, dresses – and what doesn’t.  The reason I didn’t buy it?

Well, my problem with clothes shopping is that I need to know I have found the best buy – not necessarily cheapest – the best for me. I am not an impulsive shopper – unlike my dear husband – so I am happy to go to several shops before coming back to the first to make my purchase.  I’ve always been like this, I think it stems from growing up with little money… though even my dear mother is impulsive.  Back in the summer I took her grocery shopping and we left the shop with summer dresses for her granddaughters plus all the shoppings!

The dress was a lunch time trip, so I’ll take another look around another shop or two, do some more mulling over in my mind. And then make the buy.  Mmm… I think it came in pillar box red… do you think that would look good for work? 

PS – I’m going to try a few more photos with my posts… so here’s the dresses… with my blue Aztec skirt and green jumper – I do wear items of colour, and I think blue and green can go well!!


supermarché, et al

Dear friends, this evening I’m on chauffeur duty – our dear two eldest children have seminary  (an LDS scripture study programme) in the next city followed by youth activities. This happens once a month so this evening,  having set out a bit earlier (picking up friend of dear daughter and allowing time for extra traffic due to bridge works) we arrived safely and in time.   So I decided to amuse myself by browsing round the local budget supermarket, twice! (I bought water & blueberry yoghurt for myself).  However, I felt a little melancholy while going round 😦

The last Christmas goods were knocked down in price for sale – from cards, to decorations, to Stollen, marzipan and a solitary stocking.  And then the would -be winter gifts – gilets, socks (lots of seasonal socks!), special box sets.  And then, as I came along the frozen food aisle with seasonal prawns,  my mind reflected on the news we heard in the car – 5 killed in the kosher supermarket in Paris,  including the gun man who killed the police officer yesterday.   And then I thought on how sad, disturbing,  that one walks into a simple supermarket and – because of another person’s choice – one doesn’t walk out.

It’s been a difficult week in Europe;  the French ‘motto’ = Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité = has been tested in a most cruel manner.   But, although I feel sad, I do not despair, because I know the state of our world, at this time,  has been prophesied – “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24 v12).  So let’s stand up for truth and righteousness, and that includes freedom, equality and brotherhood, for that is who we are. 🙂  And we must keeping praying for the day when this iniquity will be bound!