hymn humour…

Dear friends

Today there was an awkward, but funny, moment in sacrament meeting.  

While the bread is broken before being blessed and passed to the congregation, a hymn is sung by the congregation – the sacrament hymn.  These are some of the more reverent hymns, leading our thoughts to the Saviour Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, the bread and water being emblems of His gift, and how we show our renewed commitment to follow Him.

Today, the sacrament hymn was number 173 in the hymn book ‘While of these emblems we partake’.  On the facing page lay #174, ‘While of these emblems we partake’.  Same lyrics, different tune.  

If only the missionaries were not the chorister and organist.  If only our 80+ years organist was playing the organ today. If only the Bishopric realised the mistake. If only the whole congregation were more musically literate. If only our congregation knew the tune to hymn 173…

So many if only’s… The result, after the first verse the congregational singing fell to an all time low volume…  there was some recovery by end of the final fourth verse.  I didn’t hear anyone speak of it afterwards – it was so shockingly bad, I think we were collectively too embarrassed!!

This is how it should sound. Enjoy!!

triumphant Sabbath, again

Dear friends, I am absolutely convinced that forces conspire each Sabbath morning to put us off attending sacrament meeting, which starts at 10h.  Every day of the working week we manage to get dressed, eat breakfast and be at school before 9h so why are Sundays so difficult?
Today, despite 2 out of 4 children having showers the night before, at 9h30 I was finishing my toast, shoes and coats were being donned and I caught sight of eldest daughter with hair not brushed as she headed out the door and into the car. Eldest son, oh no, it’s my turn in the front seat! Well, it’s my turn with the (tablet) at church! Mum!!  I have to sit in the front so I can use the mirror… blah…blah…blah… and some less than Christlike attitudes between brother and sister being expressed… I finally warned each of them, separately, that they ought to be “reconciled” before taking the sacrament, not take it unworthily, and really think about what Jesus went through. I think you can cope with the back seat!  Meanwhile, our youngest son asks me, have I been good this morning? 🙂 
With a couple of minutes to spare, we drive into the car park, I have to drive up to the top part, which I have avoided since bursting a tyre on the ramp wall (oops!!), make it into the chapel, shaking missionaries hands on the way in, prelude organ music well underway. 09h57 on the clock.  Made it, yes!, and a sense triumph and calm flows over me. 
At some point during the meeting, I see our eldest son & daughter exchange knowing glances, they are reconciled. And our youngest daughter draws my attention to our youngest son’s navy trousers… peanut butter smudges… I simply smile, no one is perfect, the Lord knows that but at least we’re all in the right place, at the right time, once more.