Dear friends
Sorry that it’s been a while, my tablet is not charging 😦 – i really should get a laptop…

I’m enjoying new banter in my life :). That of my cousins, specifically my maternal cousins.  I have no less than 15 who live in Canada, US and Caribbean, my Mum’s nieces and nephews.
A week or so ago, one of my aunts in Barbados became ill and was taken into hospital.  So, one of my cousins out there set up a group chat on WhatsApp to keep everyone informed.  Et voilà!  As another cousin pointed out – out of difficulties comes blessings.
It’s been fun getting to know them as I’ve not met all of them.  It’s also been a blessing as photos are posted and we’ve begun to work on family history together. 

I do feel there’s some family secrets that I know nothing about but everyone else does!  Like when I asked a cousin for my (half) sister who lives in the same town and received no response, at all.  It must be a Bajan thing to completely ignore an awkward question.  Mmm Maybe I should hone that skill!


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