Dear friends
Sorry that it’s been a while, my tablet is not charging ūüė¶ – i really should get a laptop…

I’m enjoying new banter in my life :). That of my cousins, specifically my maternal cousins.¬† I have no less than 15 who live in Canada, US and Caribbean, my Mum’s nieces and nephews.
A week or so ago, one of my aunts in Barbados became ill and was taken into hospital.  So, one of my cousins out there set up a group chat on WhatsApp to keep everyone informed.  Et voilà!  As another cousin pointed out Рout of difficulties comes blessings.
It’s been fun getting to know them as I’ve not met all of them.¬† It’s also been a blessing as photos are posted and we’ve begun to work on family history together.¬†

I do feel there’s some family secrets that I know nothing about but everyone else does!¬† Like when I asked a cousin for my (half) sister who lives in the same town and received no response, at all.¬† It must be a Bajan thing to completely ignore an awkward question.¬† Mmm Maybe I should hone that skill!


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