Christmas eve … lessons learned

Dear friends
A quick update.  We tried… but after a few trips to town and back, some wet tears, and some loud words, Daur1 stated:

I hate this!  I don’t like Christmas time!!

And at that point I realised that my own weakness,  laziness, fear and probably some pride, meaning I fail to adequately prepare was affecting those closest to me, in a very negative way.  So, I, we, are going to come up with a simple Christmas plan – month by month – so that by Son2’s birthday at end of November,  we are ready to enjoy the season.  I’m feeling optimistic that now the children are older, we can do this, all together, and it won’t be so painful!

Spirits were revived this evening as Mum, me!, climbed into the loft to bring down the tree and decorations.  And I did remember to take out the meat this morning to defrost for tomorrow!!  I hope you have a lovely, peaceful, Christmas Day!! #ASaviorIsBorn #HeIsTheGift #ShareTheGift


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