feeling better

Dear friends
I drafted a post to you last week about the frustrations of having to customise five (excluding my own) packed lunches to ensure everyone was happy and received sufficient nourishment while at school or college or work.  As a taster here’s what I have to deal with: no crusts, no baguette, no wheat, no fruit, no butter, no tomatoes, no salad, no ham, no crisps,… you get the picture!
But then, my dear husband shared his ‘man flu’ with me;  our daughters warned me “why are you sleeping in the same bed as Daddy?”  I wondered where else they expected me to sleep,  maybe on the floor!  So the last few days I’ve had a cold.  As soon as the itchy throat began, I bought some cold relief max capsules, which meant I survived at work – going off sick is more hassle than its worth and we’re in the middle of a planning application.  I do believe in using medications,  not excessively,  but certainly when we need to – medecines are there to help us.  I am also grateful for the prayers of our children who always remember our family when someone needs help. 
So today, I didn’t teach my youth Sunday school class (my voice is still hoarse) – which includes our two eldest children – and the other teacher taught a combined class – the older and younger youth.  I asked her how it went – fearing that Son1 and Daur1 would have spent the lesson sounding off each other,  as in my lessons.  But no!!  Sister N spoke of how they had such sweet spirits and she could see what we had taught them at home.  An incredulous “Really!?” was my first reaction.  But as she mentioned it again – nothing specific – I could sense her sincerity and I realised that maybe I was missing something special in my own children. 
After that I watched as Son1 went to the church kitchen after the munch ‘n’ mingle to wash up dishes (accompanied by his sisters who dried and put away) even though the other youth had gone home.  And I think on how Daur1 played flute last week, with no accompaniment, a young women evening, though she has an exam this week, but did not let down her leaders. 
So, having bought 5 new containers for packed lunches, and feeling better, I will face the lunches in the morning and know that something good is coming from all this unique behaviour! After all we are each unique songs and daughters of a loving Father in Heaven. 🙂


2 thoughts on “feeling better

    • princessarchitect Wednesday, 2 December 2015 / 10:00

      Thank you! I do need reminding of that when with certain 17 year old boys!!


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