Mum’s Manic Morning… 2

Dear friends

So (from part 1) you’ll see what I was facing when alarm 1 went off at 05h45.  My brain was buzzing from dreaming (of my dear husband :)) and of what lay ahead at work (…ask engineers how low the brick wall can be brought down to, how can we ventilate the 8m high ceiling zone…)… so I waited for alarm 2 = 06h00. I quickly roll out of bed when my husband’s alarm goes seconds later, knowing if I don’t make the bathroom first it’ll be a 15 minute wait!!  Back in the bedroom I curl into a kneeling foetus position to pray – much needed part of the day 🙂 I iron his shirt and head down to the kitchen to pack his lunch and prepare honey & lime – he had a sore throat. 
0642h – we arrived at station and I leave him, driving to a local supermarket, ATM and buy newspaper; I end up buying more than a newspaper! Muffins, brunch bars,…
0705h – back home; start daughters lunches; everyone up; Son1 takes care of himself (leaves 0725h); Daur1 takes care of herself and I eventually leave her to finish the lunches (leaves 0745h); Daur2 can’t find sports shorts – I know they are not in the wash basket… I empty her shelf and find them; Son2 has shower but not wanting to wear the red T-shirt from his Grandma – quote: its as long as a dress on me! I dig around in Son1’s clothes to find his old, but much loved, Man United T-shirt (the most expensive I’ve ever bought!). It’s red so I put it on Son2 – a little long but it’ll do.
0810h – breakfast and I’m surprised to find warm milk – Son1 I expect since Daur1 is into yoghurt – but the two youngest prefer toast with various toppings – chocolate spread, peanut butter, honey, jam…
0820h – Son2 and I head to school – if he rides his scooter (or bike) they can make a breakfast smoothie.  So I drop him off – he heads in with a teacher.  It’s only when I got home this evening that I discovered I was meant to stay with him. Oops!!!
0835h – back home, muffin for breakfast, shower, daur2 leaves, dress – what do you wear for work when it’s one of the hottest days?
0850h – I head for bus feeling, phew! what a morning, I must write about that!!


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