Mum’s Manic Morning… 1

Dear friends (on bus)

I’m not sure when I realised I couldn’t do it.  But I knew last week, when it was suggested, that I didn’t want to do it. Attend a 0930h meeting on site with client, users, contractor, engineer and health & safety ‘coordinator’ about how reinforced foundations are built outside the tenants homes without disrupting the elderly tenants too much!!  Fortunately events this morning have provided me with a reason not to be there…

I should have remembered when the date was mentioned – today is Son1’s introductory day at sixth form college – he needed to leave home before 0730h.
In addition, it’s my husband’s day working in another town – I drop him at the train station for 0646h train.
And then, as I was reminded last night, it’s Sports Day for Son4. What? I thought that was Friday? No, that’s my Sports Day! says Daur3 What? You go to the same school and have Sports Day on different days??
So, it’s 0925h, let’s see if I can email my apologies before 0930h…


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