Dear friends

(Imagine Madonna’s Holiday as the backing track to this post!)

Yeah – it’s mother and daughter camp (organised by Relief Society)! OK, it’s not the whole weekend – Friday evening to Saturday lunch, but that’s good enough for us!  I don’t know how long it’s been a tradition in our stake (church area, like a diocese) but the last couple of years it’s been at a site near the airport, on the edge of a river with kayaking!! Last year we bought a 4-man tent and the girls and I stayed over.  Needless to say, that’s the plan for tonight, complete with swimsuits!!

This is the weekend that our youngest child has been dreading – Mum and favourite siblings gone, he’s left with a testosterone filled 16 year old big brother and my husband, who doesn’t quite give the same personal attention to his 7 year old needs as Mum! But, based on last year, I know he’ll cope and Dad will treat them!!

I’ve done the last minute shopping – airbed foot pump (sorely missed by our daughters last year) and torches, they were on special offer and one can never have enough, me thinks! I booked the afternoon off work – the American PM still managed to get a conversation out of me when I slipped in to change out of my site gear – and I’m heading home to cook a dish (pasta salad) for the pot luck dinner. And to call my Mum, who’s already called a couple times today – we have to pass by to pick up the double air bed but her house is on the way to the camp (from ours).

I’ll let you know how the camp goes! There is something great about being with our sisters in the gospel.  I love them all!!  And this is our girls’ holiday!!! 


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