prefer running!

Dear friends
I didn’t think I’d find myself saying this but I’m liking the running (jogging).
Yesterday was early morning seminary for our eldest children so I didn’t go. Today I was up and ready before our eldest daughter. I knew it had rained and since we have no rain gear for running we decided to stay home. We started jumping jacks and sit ups but seeing dear daughter losing interest, I suggested she find a 20 minute YouTube workout…
I was the one to not make it to the end, I’d had enough of very slim lady saying “awesome” every 10 leg lifts and I don’t think my thighs need an intense workout like that…
By the end dear daughter declared, “I prefer jogging!” Yeah! So do I, even if it’s raining! 
So that’s it. Even if it’s raining – what do you wear in the rain? – we go for 30 minutes and it is great.  There’s only one other time in my adult life that I’ve been into exercise, that was many years ago and was sea swimming – another time!
I’m enjoying it because I am thankful to God for my body. I feel I am giving back to my body which has done me good for nearly half a century, so I think I can look after me a little bit better and maybe it will keep going for another half century! 🙂


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