up & down …

Dear friends
I feel like I’ve had an emotionally hilly day.
Up – it’s Saturday, no work, no early morning run 🙂

Down – the news, earthquake in Nepal  😦

Up – our local football  (soccer) team draws, after losing the lead, twice! A relief 🙂

Down – our youngest sonteacher wants to see us, parents; his sister forgot to pass that message on yesterday.  Is he in trouble?  😦

Down – as I settle to finalise lesson preparations for tomorrow,  I discover the ‘gospel library’ app has had it’s data cleared!  (Youngest son needs to stay out of my way…)! 😦

Up – I remember that Gospel Library app was synchronised with my LDS account and so… yeah!… annotations restored!! Phew!!! 🙂

Up – children work well together on cleaning chores and homework 🙂

Down – I review two log books (it’s a part time work at home job for a local universit) – only 4 more to go… 😦

Up – it’s bed time!! 🙂


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