the ‘fro is back

Dear friends
I forgot to mention that during my break I removed the braids and so, to the delight of some work colleagues, my afro is back 🙂 And it’s bigger!!
Comments in the past week have been as follows:
I love it when your hair is like that – it’s more you!  🙂
Have you had your hair cut?  😦
Make sure you leave it, don’t cut it so you can do an afro like Will I Am! 😉

And the classic (oops, stylish, as she would describe it!) comment from my eldest daughter who just had her hair done in braids:
You don’t really suit long hair!  🙄

It was great to reduce my helmet by 4 cm to fit on my reduced hair for site visits today 🙂


4 thoughts on “the ‘fro is back

    • princessarchitect Saturday, 18 April 2015 / 07:34

      Mmmm… I’m more into writing description than photos but I’ll see what I can do! There’s a photo of me and afro (pre-braids) on my profile link, on my ‘about me’ page. Imagine it fluffier! 🙂


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