Eeeeeeekkk …

Dear friends
When I was young I was not a screamer girl – I could give a pitiful yell but I wasn’t someone who could race around the playground screaming in terror as a chaser tried to pass ‘it’ on.  But tonight…
A couple days ago, our youngest son froze while playing in the garden, drawing my attention to a spot on the tarmac where a large garden spider sat. I call them garden spiders, fast moving, chunky bodies, fairly ‘big’ (a good 40mm diameter with bent legs). We tracked it cross the back of the patio before losing it under the steps.  I reminded the children to keep their bedroom windows shut and since I’d been protecting the house with ant powder (we always get them when warm weather starts) – I spread extra for the spider.  If it stays in it’s own domain it will be fine…
So this evening I got home from work, threw jacket onto bed, changed and got on with the evening. 
Fast forward a few hours, back in my room to change for bed… I ‘tut’ as I notice our open window… clothes off… reach to hang up jacket off bed… And, yes, you know it, mighty spider (I’m convinced it’s the same from the garden)… in middle of bed!! My turn to be frozen as I scream for help, hands clutched across my body as I hide behind wardrobe doors …
Our eldest son eventually deals with it (a hoover/ vacuum cleaner job) but not before I had let out the loudest scream when I was left alone with spider while help was sought by eldest daughter (who could not do the deed) and it began to crawl off the bed.
I didn’t know you could scream like that, so dramatic, commented eldest daughter when it was all over.
Neither did I – it must be the shock and I’m tired…

Sorry, spider, but once you are in my domain I’ll do what I have to to keep it creepy crawly free and since I can’t handle touching creeping things, actually any animal, but that deserves a post in its own right, it usually means a spray or hoover comes into action.

And to my friend readers who can cope with handling spiders and putting them back outside – I truly respect and admire your ability!!!


4 thoughts on “Eeeeeeekkk …

  1. miusho Thursday, 16 April 2015 / 06:27

    Blood curdling screaming? Yes. Yes I will. I now have the creeps and will check my own chair for crawly things. I should not have read this. 😥


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