Dear friends,
And so following on from the numbers theme, this morning I overheard the following conversation while dressing for church: (I missed how it started)

Child 4 (7 years): …there’s 10 big toes in the house.
Child 1 (16 years): that’s right. And how many are there when everyone is home?
Child 4: 12 big toes and 12 little toes
Child 3 (11 years): that’s 60 toes when we’re all here. There’s 50 toes in the house now…

And I thought to myself, that’s a lot of toes! And a lot of fingers! So it’s pretty good going that, to date, all digits are present and correct, with none broken; and only one (belonging to child 3) has had the misfortune to get trapped in a door!


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