Dear friends,
I’ve been on leave from work – it’s been wonderfully warm, some spring cleaning, some time with the children who are off school. And some off line time.  Here’s a quick summary with numbers of the last week or so…
2 sessions of general conference watched – #ldsconf = inspiring 🙂
1 meal with 10 work colleagues – one is leaving to another practice = 😦
2 dear children to the doctor = 1 ear infection – still waiting for hearing to be fully restored!
1 dear child for eye test = spectacles prescribed for distance reading
3+ bags of old clothes for recycling = I didn’t manage to clear wardrobes last year!
1 promise to go jogging (or cycling) 3 times each week for next 3 months with dear daughter = what was I thinking!! 😮
5 hours taking my dear Mum shopping at no less than 7 shops = including KFC!
2 books started – The Catcher in the Rye and The Da Vinci Code – both re-reads!
30 courgette seeds planted by my dear husband and children when I was out with Mum, after we’d decided (I thought) to leave the vegetable patch fallow this year…

I love my family!!

So, I’m ready for back to work! How’s your week been!? 🙂


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