Dear friends,
Isn’t it funny how you notice something different at different times in your life. And how you can completely miss something that is right in front of your face!
Haulage. Until this morning as I waited at the bus stop, considering the stacked containers in the port opposite, I then saw a truck pass with 2 of the smaller containers as it’s load. And the thought flashed through my mind I didn’t realise they fit on the back of lorries! And within 5 mins 2 trucks passed pulling full size containers!!  I confess, that’s the first time I’ve ever noticed containers on trucks! I’ve seen loads of freight trains, I can’t understand how I’ve missed this before.
I think sometimes we have our own haulage or baggage which masks our view, our view of life. Then we find ourselves in a different position and, hey presto!, all things fall into place; we see clearly, our eyes are opened 🙂


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