dream talk

Dear friends, do you have dreams? I do. Quite regularly.  Growing up, my dear older sister, always claimed to never dream.  This I could never understand and I struggled to believe her – I always had such vivid dreams, I still remember some of my childhood dreams decades later! 
I also talked in my sleep and, as a small child, walked in my sleep – to the front door on one occasion!  I thought I had grown out of sleep talking until a few months ago my husband mentioned that I was talking about work during the night. I was shocked how in over 15 years of marriage he’d never mentioned that I sleep talk. My dear husband said it doesn’t bother him, sometimes he’s tried talking to me but I begin to awaken and ask why he’s talking in the middle of the night!! 
The common theme of my dreams is war.  Always I’m being chased or hunted.  Sometimes it’s a setting similar to the French Resistance Movement during World War 2; other times it’s more abstract and I’m the only one aware of the encroaching enemy, desperately trying to protect or warn others without revealing my own position to the enemy. 

I do feel some dreams have meaning – look at Joseph of Egypt and King Nebuchadnezzar with Daniel in the Bible – and contain messages from our Heavenly Father; maybe that’s the only way to get our attention.  I also feel some dreams are simply our minds sorting out the day’s events and emotions.  Through prayer we can gain answers and know the difference.

I’m writing about this because I had a war dream this week – not a memorable one like being hunted by terracotta warriors – but enough of one for me to wake with the familiar sensation of being in a terrifying situation.

So, what do you think?  I mentioned the war dreams to a friend once who said they also experience them. So, is it partly a reflection of the times we live in “wars and rumours of wars” or am I being warned, prepared, kept aware and on guard? I know it’s a bit of both:) and through prayer I am able to gain answers and comfort.


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