Dear friends, it has been a busy week! It started with me attending an evening architectural debate – designing buildings in a historical context – in Oxford, dreaming spires et al.. Each speaker was given 10 minutes; there were 5 speakers and I don’t think either took less than 20 minutes! So it was a rush back to the station – no canapés or networking for me! 
Then, a difficult midweek site meeting where contractor and client had moans towards the consultants – not anything we had control over (the client didn’t want a measured survey to inform the design for an extension 16 months ago and so, of course, there are discrepancies now which can only be resolved through ‘dynamic design’ (my phrase) – designing while construction continues, except this is a traditional contract so there are all sorts of contractual implications. We’re doing OK and have a good relationship with the site manager. I love doing a pen sketch to explain something and keep workers on site but I know not everyone feels the same way.
Then end of week our dear two eldest children attended an overnight (church) youth convention at a scout camp. On the way it was a drive through the forest in the dark because there had been an accident on the main road. Then we took the wrong road to pick them up on Saturday night and were nearly an hour late (and it was raining…). I must say I am very grateful for that inner guidance from the Holy Ghost that prompted me promptly to know I had taken a wrong turn in the forest and off the road.  My dear husband has decided I need a satnav – I say I need a map!
Then today, the Sabbath, ought to be calmer, eh? It was the usual split breakfast for the children – 2 ready, 2 not. We had bought some shoppings for my Mum, so I put them near the front door with all church bags. Everyone in the car – a bit of banter around who rode in the front, in the back middle… Arrived at church, who picked up Grandma’s shopping?  So, after church and choir practice – which consisted of the pianist, my Mum on soprano, me on alto (I’ve only started singing that part the last few weeks because the higher notes were straining my voice, leaving me hoarse…) – 3 hymns later we finish, back home, change, grab shopping, leave eldest in charge, and I’m off back across town.  I didn’t rush visiting at Mummy’s where I checked out her new memory foam mattress which my brother bought for Mum :).  Then the phone rings – her son in law looking for his wife!!  And I head home – after showing her a photo of her sisters that my cousin posted on Facebook.
So this evening, every time I sat my eyes were closing but I’m glad I’ve stayed awake. To help our youngest find a scripture to read next week on how prophets always testify of Jesus; to hear our eldest children speak of the convention and share their testimonies in sacrament meeting; to see Mum relaxed and enjoying my company; to browse through our family history (on familysearch.org) and decide we will do more indexing as a family; to hear our children say they enjoyed Sunday School where their teacher (me) felt impressed to share Elder Bruce R McConkie’s wonderful last testimony in mortality nearly 30 years ago, teaching us on the Atonement.  And I’m grateful that I’ve been able to share this last week with you and for all the tender mercies that we have experienced this week, I thank our Father in Heaven.  I hope you have felt and recognise His tender mercies in your life too 🙂


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