a good read

Dear friends, do you enjoy reading? Probably, because you’re reading this! When I was a child I did not like reading; I knew why; I was a slow reader.  And that all began some time back in first school when I was reading out loud, in a group, and my teacher asked me a question about what I had read, and I didn’t know.  I still remember how awful I felt as I was told to slow down and to read to understand.  So, throughout school I read only what I had to.  My reading interests were kindled by the set texts for English Literature in secondary school – Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; Arthur Miller ‘Death of a Salesman’; Thomas Hardy ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’; and, of course, Harper Lee ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’  I was particularly struck by Thomas Hardy, who had been an apprentice to an architect before becoming an author 🙂
The summer before starting college I began to read for pleasure, for the first time that I can recall since reading A A Milne’s ‘When We Were Six!’ Tess of the d’Urbervilles was my first book 🙂 I’ve gradually built up my reading over the years, especially during my rail commuter days (Victor Hugo’s The  Hunchback of Notre Dame brought tears as did Hardy’s Jude The Obscure) and now I always have a reading book on the go (currently Tom West’s The Titanic Enigma, recommended by our daughter as I was struggling to get into Alan Spence).
With our dear children, I’ve encouraged them to read, and to keep reading, having no television helps. Our dear eldest daughter is the resident book worm so I’ve tried to keep up with the young adult/ older teen fiction that currently often enters the house.  It is reassuring that they strive to follow the gospel standards and guidance from the Holy Spirit for their reading choices.  We’ve even managed to apply stories into more spiritual settings, such as Pittacus Lore’s series with legacies and inheritances being like our own talents and blessings to help us through our life tasks but sometimes lie undiscovered until needed or developed. 
Keep reading – there is so much good reading to be done – and don’t be discouraged if it takes a little effort because it will be worth it! 🙂

PS – I’m writing about reading because we’re going to spend a few days at the LDS temple and I hope to get some reading of books and scripture done in a wonderful, peaceful, uplifting, environment.


2 thoughts on “a good read

  1. moosha23 Wednesday, 18 February 2015 / 20:43

    Wow it’s brilliant how much your views have changed towards reading (so much that you advocate it now – which is amazing). As a book lover I have to say I’m really happy that your daughter is into reading (a lot of young adult books are written wonderfully and tackle big themes these days). Do you have any books to recommend?


    • princessarchitect Wednesday, 18 February 2015 / 20:55

      Thanks for your comment! Well Pittacus Lore series and you mention Game of Thrones which I’ve not read but I’m sure my daughter is reading. I’ll have to get her recommendations!!

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