intolerant love

Dear friends, it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s much red, pink, hearts, chocolate, flowers etc. in the air. Love goes beyond the romantic (Eros) love to embrace all types of love, which is great because love is very important. So, today our family decided to do something different and it was unanimous, lunch and a browse through our local IKEA. We don’t really eat out so this was a treat for the children and me – my dear husband always preferring to eat homemade food, but today he treated us. 🙂
Main meal, drinks and dessert – I love cream. The latter was my downfall 😦  The chocolate truffle slice with a little container, almost thimble size, of whipped cream. And I thought, ooh, that is such a small amount of cream, I’ll be safe… I even finished my husband’s Swedish apple cake.  That was probably my mistake – the cake (which looked like a pie) most likely was made with butter.  By the time we headed out the store my stomach was cramping, bloating, toilets, arriving home feeling very drained – it’s hard to explain.  I’ve struggled trying to work out this intolerance.  It is clearly dairy related but I can’t quite work it out.
As a child I loathed milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter (I did like cream, but I suspect it was more the pie it was with that I enjoyed!).  At school I watched my friends play outside as I was made to drink ALL of my small bottle of milk that all first school children were given; my friends downed it in seconds; me, I sucked it through that straw as slowly as possible, hoping my teacher would eventually give up and let me go – that rarely happened!!  My milk intake was through breakfast cereals.  And that’s the way it continued until my student days when I developed a taste for melted cheese – cheese on toast, macaroni cheese, pizza (what student doesn’t!?) – but I still only liked mild cheese and never drank milk, except with cereals.  When I returned from serving a full time mission (mid 20s) and began working I noticed the stomach cramps and visited the doctor who suggested it was diet related – by trial and error I narrowed it down to the cheese sandwiches I made for lunch.  Since that time, maybe 20 years ago, I’ve noticed the affects getting worse, especially the last 2/3 years, and it’s getting harder to work out the precise cause.  I’ve read that cheese is made differently now compared to decades ago so most cheese doesn’t affect me. A friend has suggested the fat content of butter & cream may be the issue.  Any thoughts?  I can tolerate Greek yoghurt (which I’ve been substituting for cream the past few months) but a pro biotic one left me exhausted!  (I’ve only tried it once!) And cream, I still love but some months ago I realised it was an offender when we went through a phase of apple strudel (yum!) but today’s reaction leaves me thinking I’m going to have to give up my love!  😦 
I really must take care of my body – we only get one! – clearly mine is not going to tolerate cream abuse for any longer.  (Sigh) I suppose I’ll have to wait for the resurrection and a restored body to really enjoy Swedish apple cake and cream!!


2 thoughts on “intolerant love

  1. Wayne Abernathy Tuesday, 17 February 2015 / 18:22

    Sounds familiar to me. Of course, consult your doctor, but it sounds like some form of lactose intolerance. Didn’t hit me until after age 40. Fortunately, taking a lactase food additive (available at most grocery stores) together with any time I eat any dairy, has pretty much resolved the problem for me. But that is my experience. Ask your doctor.

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    • princessarchitect Wednesday, 18 February 2015 / 18:05

      Thank you; age group does fit, it has got more sensitive most recently; I will stick with avoiding the known offenders before facing the doctor, unless it really starts becoming a dietary problem.


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