Dear friends, the Sabbath day started regular enough – though one of our dear children is on a school residential trip in France so things are fairly irregular for a few more days – but took on an unusual turn when my dear mother passed a note down the row at church after the sacrament was passed, during the first speaker, stating – my side is hurting badly, I’m going to drop-in centre. I wrote back, I’ll take you to A&E. So, the first speaker finished and I left with Mum, explaining there was no point going to the centre on a Sunday as they couldn’t do scans or x-rays.
Some hours later, Mum is discharged, nothing more than ‘wear ‘n’ tear’ of the bones.  And a couple hours later I’m explaining the event to my younger brother who is greatly reassured by my laid back manner since by then we can laugh about me driving “rather quickly” as Mum recalls to the hospital. I didn’t tell anyone about the teary eyes I had as I brought the car round, or my prayers while waiting, or my immense relief to hear the blood tests were clear and the x-ray showed wear only. At 80 years, that’s allowed! 🙂


4 thoughts on “older…

  1. maddmombetty Thursday, 19 February 2015 / 04:00

    Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers…..and He is mindful of us individually!

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    • princessarchitect Thursday, 19 February 2015 / 07:04

      Yes – thank you!! Most definitely! Read my ‘prayers heard’ post, just the day before mum’s a&e visit!

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