prayers heard

Dear friends, I haven’t felt too queenly or regal at times these past couple of days!! But the great thing about writing to you is that I can express myself and be more positive πŸ™‚  I mentioned about prayers always being heard and answered in my last post
(come soon!), so I have decided to share with you my earliest, and one of the most profound, times of prayer being answered in my own life.  I hope you take time to read on.
I was about 10 years old. My mother had taught us to pray and this was reinforced through school and Sunday school teachers. I must have been very diligent as a child because by this age I routinely knelt down by the bed at night to offer prayer.  I would repeat all the ones I learnt at school but rarely added my own words. I routinely fell asleep at the bottom of the bed too!! 
This particular evening, things were in a bad state for our family – we had no money. Nothing at all. So little that I didn’t know how I would get to school (no bus fare) or what we would eat the next day.  I imagine we ate mum’s ‘pancakes’ for dinner (a simple mix of flour, sugar and water fried in lard, with jam if we were lucky!). I asked Mum what we were going to do. Mummy said, “we can pray.”  I knew exactly what I was going to pray for. My Dad. My parents were not married but my Dad would visit usually each week and give Mum some money. But, it was late. Later than he usually came and us children, including my older teenage sister, were going to bed. So, that night, I knelt and with all my heart I asked God to send Daddy. I fell asleep, on my knees.
I awoke to the sound of keys at the door and the voice of my father. As I realised what was happening, my mind was filled with thanks to God but also the thought – is that really Daddy, at this time of night, or did God send an angel to look like my Dad? Either way, God sent help and we were rescued πŸ™‚ I climbed into bed knowing all was OK.
Since that time I have come to trust God more, but that was the simple start. I know God lives and that we are His children – He hears us when we speak and He wants to bless us with what is right for us.  It is for us to trust Him and to listen.  I love this quote from the Bible Dictionary (King James Version, LDS edition, 2008) – the whole section (too much to repeat here) is inspiring:

As soon as we learn the true relationship in which we stand toward God (namely, God is our Father, and we are His children), then at once prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part (Matthew 7 verses 7-11)


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