come soon!

Dear friends, I was truly saddened to hear of the recent killings, particularly sickened by the killing of Jordan’s pilot, but any murder is horrible.  It left me feeling rather low yesterday evening as the news reports on the radio continued to discuss the incident, the video, the reactions.  And despite newspaper headlines such as “Their brutality succeeds in spreading fear” (The i newspaper, 4 Feb 2015, Alistair Dawber article), I do have hope.

I have hope because all this reminds me that these are the latter days, and sadly there will be no true, lasting peace until our Saviour returns to Earth, this time for all mankind to know.  There are some good signs leading up to His return, like the gospel of Jesus Christ being preached across the world and the ‘stick of Ephraim’ (Book of Mormon) being with the ‘stick of Judah’ (the Bible).  There are also those signs which show a world in turmoil. So I often pray for the return of our Saviour so there will be an end to all these horrible deeds.  I know all our prayers are heard and will be answered, one day. 🙂


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