snow day!!

Dear friends, “it’s a Snow Day,” as our dear eldest daughter gleefully stated this morning before they headed for seminary.  Looking out, and listening to the local radio, it’s all a bit random and nobody was really expecting it. We have about 10mm (half an inch) and it seems to be heavier in town than some of the rural areas (we’re on the edge of town).  But it’s all along the coast, very unusual (read my ‘frosty day’ post – we have mini micro climates in our part of Europe).
Of course, none of the roads were gritted in advance, but no significant problems (it’s only 7h!).  And I know our youngest child will be delighted! I might be able to get him into his winter coat, rather than gilet! And our eldest son actually wore his hat to seminary, so there’s hope!!
So this is a quick blog; I’m going to venture into the office (we’ll see how long I survive the air conditioning with my blocked nose). Have a great day whatever you are doing.

Let the day begin!


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