snow day 2

Dear friends, snow day was a little anticlimactic (well, that doesn’t sound like a real word!). In fact it was quite sunny after the grey skies of the morning and the seagulls were in town scavenging for worms in the grass so it must’ve been bad out at sea.
Back in the office I had forgotten we had a full day of Autodesk Revit training lined up.  Put simply, this is a 3D software tool that the business has adopted to deliver drawings for future projects.  It’s a bit like training draughtsman to put down the pencil and pick up a mouse.  The whole construction industry is changing so it’s an exciting time – but during the training it’s so intense one can almost feel synapses forming in my brain! 
And back at home, all was well and I was sufficiently recovered to be allowed in the kitchen to cook dinner 🙂  My recovery could be attributed to vitamins, menthol crystals, avoiding air conditioning (one of my colleagues was sent home yesterday!), chicken soup or any combination.  Whatever reason, I feel there’s nothing more humbling than hearing your children pray for you and I thank my Heavenly Father for that 🙂


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