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Dear friends, I have been unwell = 😦 Not serious, I’ve had a cold virus; you know how it goes sore throat for 48 hours, blocked nose, followed by runny nose. Although I’m on the mend, after an embarrassing runny nose incident during the Sunday school class, I decided not to risk the air conditioning in the office today so I worked from home (much more comfortable and productive).  I prepared a massive saucepan (stock pot) of chicken soup. 
You don’t have to be Jewish to respond to use ‘Jewish penicillin’ – I believe that’s the phrase for traditional chicken soup.  So, having checked a simple recipe online, picked a few fresh bay leaves from the garden, and dug out the chicken carcasses from the freezer.  It was simple, I drank it all day and I was feeling better by this evening!! Even the two youngest enjoyed bowls when they came in from school. 
I love learning about vernacular healing or health remedies, especially in this time of chemicals.  I won’t deny modern medicine, I believe God has blessed mankind with this knowledge, but equally I believe God placed many natural resources for our benefit and we shouldn’t neglect them.  Also, I know that those who lived before us were blessed with important knowledge and skills to support their wellbeing, which we too can benefit from.  My masters thesis was on vernacular design, these are thoughts that extend to many areas of my life – I will share more one day.  But for now, my husband has prepared the menthol crystals (phew, they are lethal!), I’ve inhaled and I’m now ready for bed.  Bring on tomorrow and let’s see how good the chicken soup works!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “traditional, vernacular

  1. Josh Wrenn Tuesday, 3 February 2015 / 01:00

    I’m glad what you said about modern medicine. Everyday in my cancer support forum I have to battle with people who believe chemotherapy isn’t necessary. I’ve always said that any natural substances that won’t interfere with chemotherapy (or cause other harm) can be used in conjunction with modern medicine. There is no doubt about chicken soup’s wonderful relief of cold symptoms. Get well soon!


    • princessarchitect Tuesday, 3 February 2015 / 06:28

      Thank you. I feel that a sensible & reasonable balance is what’s required – both approaches have their place.

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