the 3rd commandment

Dear friends, the third of the Ten Commandments states “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”  (Exodus 20 v7).  This is one commandment which many seem to have forgotten but which I strive hard to defend.  I’ve had grown men say, you sound like my mother, when I warn them.

So, today I was sat with the structural consultant discussing depth of steel beams versus the ceiling, when he starts slipping in the conversation our Saviour’s name.  The second time I remarked, I don’t think we need to bring Jesus into this!  He apologised, we continued, then another time, and one look from me (not quite over the top of my spectacles) brought another apology with an explanation.  Oh, I don’t swear at home because of my son, so when I’m in the office it all comes out, and anything else would be far worse.  I gently replied I’d rather have something worse than the name of the person I worship! Sorted! 🙂 we have to stand up for what is right and let others know what is wrong.


I am grateful for… health care professionals

Dear friends,  this last week i’ve met with 3 health care professionals.  I don’t like them all the time – I don’t have too, do I? – but I  respect them because I could not do what they do,  and most love their profession, as I love mine.  As my dentist said having performed endodontics on a top back molar, ouch!!, “you do your job, and I do mine.”  I was a little concerned when he asked “do you want an injection?” (before I fit this permanent crown,  having pulled out the temporary crown and seeing me squirm in the chair). Yes, I think so!! My dear husband explained, after, that injections cost, so even though we pay the same amount, anything saved is a bonus for the dentist!!  He gave the injection = ouch! And did the crown = ouch!! = “a good thing you had the injection,  your gums, blah… blah… blah…”

Next a physiotherapist, for my achy pelvis / right hip. The exercises and ‘analysis’ of what is probably happening is fantastic!  Reached her limit when she suspected a vascular problem, right calf. So back to the doctor,  only they were all absent so I met an advanced nurse practitioner,  who identified a varicose vein, gave me 4 pages to read,  and suggested it wasn’t worth seeing the doctor because,  despite the pain,  they wouldn’t do anything.  “Take ibuprofen.”  So, despite my concern about the line on page 2, sometimes underlying causes stating: rarely,  a swelling or tumour in the pelvis… I  do have some answers; should I worry more?

I am grateful for the time in which we live and the knowledge that truly has been poured out to this generation from Heavenly Father, our God. 🙂  These are blessings that can extend to all our brothers and sisters.

supermarché, et al

Dear friends, this evening I’m on chauffeur duty – our dear two eldest children have seminary  (an LDS scripture study programme) in the next city followed by youth activities. This happens once a month so this evening,  having set out a bit earlier (picking up friend of dear daughter and allowing time for extra traffic due to bridge works) we arrived safely and in time.   So I decided to amuse myself by browsing round the local budget supermarket, twice! (I bought water & blueberry yoghurt for myself).  However, I felt a little melancholy while going round 😦

The last Christmas goods were knocked down in price for sale – from cards, to decorations, to Stollen, marzipan and a solitary stocking.  And then the would -be winter gifts – gilets, socks (lots of seasonal socks!), special box sets.  And then, as I came along the frozen food aisle with seasonal prawns,  my mind reflected on the news we heard in the car – 5 killed in the kosher supermarket in Paris,  including the gun man who killed the police officer yesterday.   And then I thought on how sad, disturbing,  that one walks into a simple supermarket and – because of another person’s choice – one doesn’t walk out.

It’s been a difficult week in Europe;  the French ‘motto’ = Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité = has been tested in a most cruel manner.   But, although I feel sad, I do not despair, because I know the state of our world, at this time,  has been prophesied – “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24 v12).  So let’s stand up for truth and righteousness, and that includes freedom, equality and brotherhood, for that is who we are. 🙂  And we must keeping praying for the day when this iniquity will be bound!

Paris killings

Dear friends, so sad to hear this evening of the attack on Charlie Hebdo.  I haven’t read or seen their work so maybe some I would find distasteful but to kill is wrong, even to be offended is wrong. Quite simply that.  Those people have been killed, by cowards who ran away, probably feeling ‘proud’ of their actions.

I am certain that our Father in Heaven has a great sense of humour – after all, surely that’s where we get ours from – though I know His humour will be pure, clean, edifying.  So, I’m glad to laugh out loud at the cartoon image I saw recently (in one of the LDS magazines) with two missionaries asking a lady at her front door, “have you found Jesus?”  And the view of the room shows feet (in Jesus sandals) behind a curtain!! 🙂

corporate v creative

Dear friends, it’s a sunny afternoon as I look out over the Square with a lone skateboarder, me munching a beautiful, crunchy apple. A rest break, is the word for this in the staff survey! There’s some glitch with my email (I can see them stacking up in the outbox)… and there goes a mobile phone not on silent.

We are in an open plan office, everyone, from the operations director to the apprentice.  This is about the work station that I’ve sat in.  I am a senior architect, which means I have a small team to manage, 2 assistants & 1 architect; we are part of a larger team consisting of 16 (with landscape, interiors and health & safety); and then we are all part of one bigger international multi disciplinary practice with about 100 staff in our office.  So, when I say we had a ‘staff strategic brief’ this morning, maybe you can imagine the way it goes and the words used.  Corporate v Creative – that’s how it often feels.  But I have worked on some great projects and one of the reasons I wanted to be an architect was to improve the built environment, particularly for those most vulnerable who rely on public sector commissions for homes & education.  Since the practice is in partnership with the local authority, for the most part, I am living my dream job.  I know many people don’t have that chance, and I didn’t for 15years or so. So I am very grateful to our Father in Heaven for this job, that it’s close to home and gives the flexibility I need with our family.  🙂

back to work

Dear friends, tired! Office was the same as before Christmas but my hair wasn’t 🙂 lots of compliments! Always nice to receive and give complements!

The worse thing, for me, about returning to work is the recognition of things I wanted to do and didn’t – like taking flowers to an elderly lady we know in a nursing home, baking & taking bread to my father, pruning our garden.  I’ve heard a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Hoping I’m not that bad but I want to improve and reach out more.  I did read an encouraging article in the Ensign (latter day saint magazine – see about a teacher who was given a potato rather than an apple from a pupil and this reminds her (and now me) that you don’t always have to do grand acts of service, small gestures of love are as important.  I have time to write and drop a few cards 🙂

tithes & offerings

Dear friends, another Sabbath and since it’s the first Sunday in the month that means it was also fasting & testimony meeting; everyone has the opportunity to share their personal testimony or witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the congregation to hear.  We also fast for two meals, usually over 24 hours, and contribute the money saved to those in need.  It’s a wonderful chance to do something for the wider community.

Today our family met with the Bishop (our local leader) to confirm our ‘status’ as tithe payers. As Abraham, the ancient prophet, we too donate 10% of our income to build up the kingdom of God.  I firmly trust the blessing promised in the old testament, Malachi 3 v10, and love how this is a demonstration of our faith in the Lord Jesus.  Especially He has given us all we have; I think this is fair, don’t you?

PS – I’m back to work tomorrow, so expect more architectural and work related thoughts.


Dear friends, Saturday and it’s been a long day.  The bank (you know how it is after Christmas!), school shoe shopping (just for one dear son), Costco (ridiculously busy), cars (oil, antifreeze, petrol – my dear husband is so good :)). But I felt that I ought to clean the ladies toilets at church.  I should explain. There is no paid ministry at church and similarly, each member is expected to take care of the building.  The ladies are responsible for the ladies toilets.  Currently there’s no rota but since I’ve not done it for a while I decided to do it while I’m on holiday.

Anyway, it was a whole family outing – all six of us, this evening.  There is something therapeutic about cleaning for others.  (I can’t say I feel the same about cleaning our bathroom!)  I reckon this is because of what King Benjamin stated: “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah 2 v17)  And how would you feel serving God!?

children & parents

Dear friends, it’s good to talk! Especially with our young people, our children, the ‘I’ generation (not my phrase, for this generation that has grown up with the Internet).  I walked up to the local library today with my two eldest dear children – yes, they do borrow books :). It was a great and simple opportunity to talk and discuss things that are in their lives – school, friends et all – in a relaxed manner.

I believe it is important that I stay close to my children so they feel comfortable speaking and opening up.  If we are not there for them, A N Other will be and what values or standards will A N Other have?  We love our children, so let’s not let them down.  One day I’d like to hear Proverbs 31 v28 spoken of me 🙂

love is…

Dear friends, happy new year 2015! I hope you had lovely, safe celebrations 🙂 My mother came over for dinner; my dear husband cooked a beautiful meal; the children spent time with their maternal Grandma, showing Christmas gifts etc. It was a lovely day.

Love is spending time with others when you want to do your own thing.  Love is not showing your tears to protect another.  Love is thinking of us rather than me. Love is listening, listening, listening rather than talking, talking, talking. Love is keeping confidences. Love is remembering when you need to and forgetting when you need to.  Love is forgiveness. Love is repentance.