work hard…

Dear friends, it’s beginning to feel a bit endless! Site meeting & visit which lasted all morning (fortunately I am not contract administrator on that project) – it was really warm in the meeting and really cold outside. Back in town, quickly bought comfort cookies :), then preparing a fee bid, are we going to do the work to reach our forecasts, client changed footpath so we need to halt drawings work, structural drawings issued, and i’ve still got 3 sets of minutes to complete and a full email inbox to file.  I brought the laptop home…

But, as I walked back to the house,  I recalled the words of a mission president (I served a voluntary mission more than 20 years ago.

Work hard, play hard, relax hard

And I thought, “really? What are you going to do?  It’s now play time!  Work time is done. You wo’t have a chance to sit down with the laptop until after the youngest are in bed, then the big ones & husband will be back from youth activities, then it’ll be getting past your bed time, then you’ll wake exhausted or late. …”  You know how the conversation goes in your head.

So, I’m now playing hard 🙂 writing while cooking having put on a laundry load.  We will eat, I will put the young ones to bed, I will pray and read some scriptures with them; the others will get back,  they will eat & update me. And then I will ready for bed where I will relax hard 🙂 And I will be ready to work hard on another day!


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