television! what?

Dear friends, have I mentioned that we don’t watch TV? Well, at least, not live stream television. Some years ago, 4 or 5 years back, when my husband was studying, we needed to reduce outgoings so the children were asked, “television or internet?” The internet connection won unanimously.  Oh, there have been moments when we wished for live TV again, like the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, but they are few and far apart.

The kitchen radio is on lots and I try to buy a national newspaper so we can keep up to date without going online.  YouTube means the children can stay familiar with advertising or music, especially as those topics come up in school conversations.  And really, there’s enough sports coverage online so we can see goals scored, games played and tournaments won, simply not live.  Most of the time we watch programmes or DVDs as a family rather than individuals.

It’s great when our dear children are found (like this evening) reading, colouring, in the garden or (on occasion) doing homework.  Most importantly, we feel we’ve some control on what we allow into our home, in terms of having the Holy Ghost with us.  Yes, unsuitable images pop up on the Internet but we try to ensure that ‘devices’ are kept in common areas (not bedrooms) so we can observe what is being watched.  So, if you have been thinking of watching less TV, I encourage you,  you can do it! 🙂 Take time to reclaim your home and take control of what entertains you and your loved ones.


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