my Mummy

Dear friends, a couple of days ago, I was on chauffeur duty and having a little time, went to visit my mother, affectionately still known to and called by me, Mummy :). 
Mummy is 80 years, lives alone in the house we moved into when I was 7 years, is a retired nurse and comes from Barbados; Mummy is Bajan.  Mummy has always been a Christian and, having stayed unaffiliated with any church as we grew up, recognised the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ when sister missionaries knocked our door.  Of her children, I live closest; we see each other at church each week; and over the last few months, I speak with her more regularly and make sure Mummy eats properly.
Mummy has always taught us and encouraged us to be ourselves, who we wanted to be.  So, even though I grew up on an estate, nothing limited my desire to be an architect, or to study at one of the more prestigious universities.  Mummy never forced us but always made it very clear what the rules were.  I know Mummy is not perfect (my parents are not married) but I do not judge; I am grateful that I am her daughter.  And I am forever grateful to Heavenly Father that my children have been able to grow up close to at least one grandmother (I never had that chance) and understand part of their family history. I feel it helps them know themselves better.


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