the 3rd commandment

Dear friends, the third of the Ten Commandments states “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”  (Exodus 20 v7).  This is one commandment which many seem to have forgotten but which I strive hard to defend.  I’ve had grown men say, you sound like my mother, when I warn them.

So, today I was sat with the structural consultant discussing depth of steel beams versus the ceiling, when he starts slipping in the conversation our Saviour’s name.  The second time I remarked, I don’t think we need to bring Jesus into this!  He apologised, we continued, then another time, and one look from me (not quite over the top of my spectacles) brought another apology with an explanation.  Oh, I don’t swear at home because of my son, so when I’m in the office it all comes out, and anything else would be far worse.  I gently replied I’d rather have something worse than the name of the person I worship! Sorted! 🙂 we have to stand up for what is right and let others know what is wrong.