I am grateful for… health care professionals

Dear friends,  this last week i’ve met with 3 health care professionals.  I don’t like them all the time – I don’t have too, do I? – but I  respect them because I could not do what they do,  and most love their profession, as I love mine.  As my dentist said having performed endodontics on a top back molar, ouch!!, “you do your job, and I do mine.”  I was a little concerned when he asked “do you want an injection?” (before I fit this permanent crown,  having pulled out the temporary crown and seeing me squirm in the chair). Yes, I think so!! My dear husband explained, after, that injections cost, so even though we pay the same amount, anything saved is a bonus for the dentist!!  He gave the injection = ouch! And did the crown = ouch!! = “a good thing you had the injection,  your gums, blah… blah… blah…”

Next a physiotherapist, for my achy pelvis / right hip. The exercises and ‘analysis’ of what is probably happening is fantastic!  Reached her limit when she suspected a vascular problem, right calf. So back to the doctor,  only they were all absent so I met an advanced nurse practitioner,  who identified a varicose vein, gave me 4 pages to read,  and suggested it wasn’t worth seeing the doctor because,  despite the pain,  they wouldn’t do anything.  “Take ibuprofen.”  So, despite my concern about the line on page 2, sometimes underlying causes stating: rarely,  a swelling or tumour in the pelvis… I  do have some answers; should I worry more?

I am grateful for the time in which we live and the knowledge that truly has been poured out to this generation from Heavenly Father, our God. 🙂  These are blessings that can extend to all our brothers and sisters.