back to work

Dear friends, tired! Office was the same as before Christmas but my hair wasn’t 🙂 lots of compliments! Always nice to receive and give complements!

The worse thing, for me, about returning to work is the recognition of things I wanted to do and didn’t – like taking flowers to an elderly lady we know in a nursing home, baking & taking bread to my father, pruning our garden.  I’ve heard a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Hoping I’m not that bad but I want to improve and reach out more.  I did read an encouraging article in the Ensign (latter day saint magazine – see about a teacher who was given a potato rather than an apple from a pupil and this reminds her (and now me) that you don’t always have to do grand acts of service, small gestures of love are as important.  I have time to write and drop a few cards 🙂