tithes & offerings

Dear friends, another Sabbath and since it’s the first Sunday in the month that means it was also fasting & testimony meeting; everyone has the opportunity to share their personal testimony or witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the congregation to hear.  We also fast for two meals, usually over 24 hours, and contribute the money saved to those in need.  It’s a wonderful chance to do something for the wider community.

Today our family met with the Bishop (our local leader) to confirm our ‘status’ as tithe payers. As Abraham, the ancient prophet, we too donate 10% of our income to build up the kingdom of God.  I firmly trust the blessing promised in the old testament, Malachi 3 v10, and love how this is a demonstration of our faith in the Lord Jesus.  Especially He has given us all we have; I think this is fair, don’t you?

PS – I’m back to work tomorrow, so expect more architectural and work related thoughts.


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